​​​​​Masters Hockey League Schedule 2018-2019 Season

Thursday MB        Oct 4             9:40pm        Lawyers v. Terminators 

Thursday MB        Oct 11           9:40pm       Team Chicago  v. Patriots

Thursday MB        Oct 18           9:40pm        Team Chicago v. Lawyers  

​Thursday MB        Oct 25           9:40pm         Lawyers v. Patriots 

Thursday MB        Nov 1            9:40pm         Lawyers v. Team Chicago

Thursday MB        Nov 8            9:40pm         Patriots v. Team Chicago

Thursday MB        Nov 15          9:40pm          Lawyers v. Patriots 

Happy Thanksgiving.  No Thursday Game

Thursday MB        Nov 29        9:40pm          Lawyers v. Team Chicago

Thursday MB        Dec 6          9:40pm          Patriots v.  Team Chicago

Thursday MB        Dec 13        9:40pm          Patriots v. Lawyers

Thursday MB        Dec 20        9:40pm          Lawyers v. Team Chicago 

Thursday MB        Dec 27        9:40pm          Patriots  v. Team Chicago

More of the schedule to be posted soon.